About the activities of naval officers

Members of the naval forces experience various challenges every day. They face difficult situations and they test their resistance. More than that, they discover their limits as individuals and as military officers. These factors develop them into better persons and give them the ability to service their nation in the right way.

Whatever story might circulate about the life in the navy, one aspect is certain: there are not two recruits who experience it in the same way. Some of them discover the benefits of being punctual, correct and efficient, while others learn more about the human nature and the social aspect of such a crucial responsibility.

Even though the navy is not implicated in major warring operations at the moment, its officers are still subject to intense exercises that are meant to prepare them for the time when they will have to defend their country or a regional alliance. Hopefully, that will never be the case and these brave men and women will retire before fighting a real war. Still, their everyday routine includes lengthy exercise schedules, combat simulations and fitness programs.

When they are not training, naval officers spend their time studying the latest technologies that influence their activity. They take great pride in developing their skills of navigation and raising their professional standards with the help of periodic exams. Other activities include cleaning the quarters, maintaining their equipment and ensuring that a strong bond is formed between the recruits. The latter are taught just how important dedication, involvement and loyalty are for a future naval officer.

There are members who quit before they can discover their true potential. These are rare cases of people who misunderstood their mission and the benefits of servicing your community. The navy goes to great lengths and invests significant annual funds to inform the population of the importance that naval officers hold in our society.