Best meeting places in Toronto

Toronto is not only the most populous city in Canada, it is also the central meeting hub for the naval officers of this country, who come here often to discuss their professional lives and to relax in the company of their fellow workers.

Nothing suits a group of naval officers better than a quiet place where they can share stories about their latest missions or exercise programs. The many bars, bistros and patisseries in Toronto offer the perfect retreat, where a quick snack and a cup of coffee can ease the atmosphere and make them more jovial.

For the latest recruits in the navy, who are benefiting from their first outing, a more relaxing setting can help them erase the memories of hard drills and exhaustive training that they have experienced. The Toronto Zoo is a magical place and an animal sanctuary where they will even forget about being on a ship just a few days before.

Canadian naval officers who have never traveled to Ontario can discover the sensational offerings of Toronto through a sightseeing tour. Not only they will find out more about the city’s rich history, but they will get the chance to meet with other fellow military men and women who come from other parts of the country.

Many naval officers love their time spent out to sea, but they also dread the days when they miss their favorite hockey team playing. However, if they choose to stop in Toronto, they will get the chance to witness a fiery match in one of the most spectacular hockey venues in North America: the Ricoh Coliseum at Exhibition Place. This place is sure to bring many Canadian fans together and help the officers catch up with the latest results and the explosive atmosphere.